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About Us

Mangostorm Play – The iGaming Marketing Specialists

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Though its designation may differ there’s no denying the growing influence of this exciting, high-growth industry. And all forecasts and analysts agree – the only way is up.

So get on top of your game with Mangostorm Play, the London-based digital marketing agency with over 15 years’ experience in the iGaming sector. Join the biggest names in the online gaming, online casino and sportsbook/betting industry who have benefited from our expertise including bet365, bwin, Foxy Bingo, Mirror Bingo and William Hill.

Amplify Your Customer Acquisition and Retention Rates

Bespoke Digital Marketing Solutions

Gaming Industry Design & Development

Forget “fickle”, delete it from your dictionary. The new watchword is “devoted”. No more hustling for worthless leads, it’s time to display some magnetic leadership.

  • Get consistent, quality leads that grow and convert into loyal, high LTV customers at low acquisition
  • Get more active users, return players and depositors – no more revenue-sucking “bonus blaggers” and dead-end CPLs.
  • Get the benefit of full spectrum digital channel customer acquisition across multiple channels including search, social media, affiliates and networks, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing and mobile.
  • Get in touch with Mangostorm Play to find out how!

We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions or one-size-fits-all marketing. As a Mangostorm Play client your business will receive direct one-to-one consultation with solutions specifically crafted to plug in seamlessly with your own internal operations.

You can rely on Mangostorm Play to work alongside your team, as well as your company’s partners and affiliates. We can focus on specific KPIs, or provide a complete toolkit for all your branding, marketing, digital acquisition and customer relationship management needs.

Front end development, creative design, UX and localisation are all of critical importance in iGaming.

They’re also incredibly time consuming and labour intensive. In order to stay one step ahead of your competitors, your focus needs to be elsewhere.

We relieve this pain by unburdening you of all those drawn-out design and development projects and other resource-sapping tasks such as mobile optimisation, video production, creative design and split testing.

Plus, with all-inclusive translation and localisation services in twelve different languages, you’ll be able to launch more products in multiple markets faster and far more effectively than your competitors could ever dream of.

To up your game across all marketing channels contact Mangostorm Play today.

Meet Your Dealers

Spencer Davis
Director & Founder

Spencer has over 15 years experience in the Dot.Com world with a strong background in consumer entertainment.

Alex Gatica
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Ioannis Pelekis

Combined with his extensive work experience, Ioannis specialises in Account Management and campaign creation for our valued clients.

Cristiano Maia
Web Developer

Cristiano has over 10 years of experience on the IT sector, having completed various high quality web development projects on the last 2 years.

Jonny Rowse

Jonny has over 8 years of Digital Marketing experience having started his career for a top PPC agency in Paris.

Jenny Thorpe
Account Manager

Jenny excels as a dedicated Account Manager, she enjoys working across a variety of sectors in a constantly evolving industry.

Samantha Bonnar
Social Media Manager

Samantha began in Digital Media at the global advertising agency, Ogilvy before leaving to develop the Online presence for fashion label Bill+Mar.

Esraa Al-Khafaji
Creative Designer

Esraa has over 4 years of Graphic Design experience, having started her career at Al-Jazeera English channel where she was a Creative Designer.