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Affiliate Management

iGaming Affiliate Management Agency

Mangostorm is a UK-Based digital marketing specialising in affiliate management services for the gaming industry.

Gain new customers, new sources of revenue and look towards new horizons with custom affiliate management solutions designed to save you time and money.

Creating and managing your own affiliate marketing program can be painfully time and labour intensive. There’s just so many things to keep track of – graphic and creative design and subsequent split testing, payments and other financials, reporting and analytics, plus lots of other logistical considerations too numerous to mention. Add to that the fact that, in order to be successful, you need to ensure that you’re on top of all of these things at all times and that all your plates are spinning at once.

So let us spare you the hassle with an affordable and streamlined approach to all your affiliate marketing needs. We’ll help you to formate an actionable strategy and provide you with a personalised affiliate program management solution to fit your specific needs, your budget, your company and its brand. We’ll also work closely with all your partners and affiliates to ensure your company maximises its revenue potential allowing you to concentrate on your own core operations.

With Mangostorm Media you can be assured of the utmost professionalism and transparency at all times, backed by over 15 years’ worth of digital marketing and online gaming experience.

So let your affiliate marketing operations be a huge benefit, rather than a constant distraction. Contact Mangostorm Play today to learn how.