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Customer Acquisition

A Consolidated Approach To Customer Acquisition

Let’s fast forward past the bog-standard “customers are important” speech and get right down to business. Of course they’re important. And of course we can get you lots of new ones.

Where we differ from our competitors, however, is that we prefer to focus on quality, not quantity.

Gaming industry professionals are the last people in the world you’d expect to be paying over the odds. Yet that’s precisely what many end up doing for subpar leads and campaigns that result in transient blips on your analytics dashboard.

No doubt you know the type all too well; serial offer hoppers and bonus blaggers who make the minimal, one-time deposits before bouncing off into the sunset.

Many agencies are only interested the “lead the horse to water” part then issue invoices regardless of whether they’re thirsty or not. But acquisition is just the first step of a complete customer journey encompassing conversions, first time deposits and beyond.

So let the cowboys go galloping off to lasso livestock. Us professionals will be busy working in harmony with your internal team to improve your overall core KPIs and metrics.

Cross Channel Player Acquisition and CRM

As gaming industry veterans ourselves we understand all too well the importance of real, lifetime value customers. Not only will we help you get new ones, we can lend assistance with, and bring fresh insights to, your player retention and reactivation strategy.

At Mangostorm Play we’re all about cultivating clockwork deposits and sustainable brand loyalty. The term “viral” isn’t just some buzzword to us – it’s a core element of what we do. Getting your players to tell their friends and amplifying your brand message through social, mobile, video and other high-impact content marketing methods including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO/PPC)
  • Display (RTB) and Contextual
  • Mobile & Video Marketing
  • Email & SMS
  • Social

To supercharge your acquisition initiatives, convert leads into high LTV customers and exponentially grow your base of loyal brand evangelists contact Mangostorm Play today.