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Customer Contact Strategy

Customer Contact Strategy and Player Retention Solutions

Re-activate old customers via telephone, mobile, email, social media and more.

Focus on the future while Mangostorm Play works to maximise the value of existing customers and bring past customers back into the fold.

Through full, transparent reporting we’ll help streamline all your CRO, CRM, customer acquisition, reactivation and retention needs.

We’ll also take the initiative in contacting your customers, doing all the leg-work that you’re simply way too busy to deal with.

We’ll talk to your customers, addressing their concerns directly, in a plain-spoken, honest fashion and iron out any grievances they may have. In our 15+ years in the online gaming industry we’ve always championed the concept of direct customer engagement.

Our past and current clients, whether they be in the online casino, sports betting or other gaming sectors, are always amazed by our ability to transform formerly disgruntled players into a loyal brand ambassadors.

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but suffice to say, after two and a half decades in the business we have this down to a fine art.

Whether it’s via social media or email, or just a good old fashioned chat on the phone, we’ll create a chorus of customers all singing your company’s praises.

For fast results, regular return deposits and an overarching improvement across all KPIs contact Mangostorm Play today.