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Mobile Strategy

The Complete iGaming Mobile Marketing Package

There’s no denying that mobile represents the highest potential growth of any digital platform making it a key area of focus for the online gaming industry.

With Mangostorm Play you gain access to a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions specially crafted to help you leverage the power of this ever-growing platform like never before.

Using our team’s broad expertise, boosted by our influential strategic partners, your business will swiftly dominate the mobile arena in ways your competitors can’t hope to match.

Online Gaming Mobile Strategy

From research, planning and consultation, to implementation, campaign management and post-campaign analysis – Mangostorm Play will provide your company with a comprehensive and holistic mobile marketing strategy to blindside your competitors.

Alternatively we can act in a supporting role to ensure your mobile campaigns get off the starting blocks fast bringing swift and decisive results.

Either way the competition will be left scratching their heads still trying to figure out what exactly happened while you’re busy tallying up the profits.

Mobile Advertising

In user volume terms mobility has long since overtaken all other platforms. So if your advertising isn’t mobile-centric it’s only a matter of time before your competitors gain the upper hand.

Most large gaming companies these days have their own dedicated teams working internally, but even if this is the case there will always come a point where time becomes limited and/or your internal company resources feel like they’re stretched too thin.

The obvious solution is to hire an agency to assist you. But vanilla ad agencies don’t get gaming – certainly not like we do. We know the industry inside and out, both in terms of internal operations as well as external factors such as licensing requirements, player preferences and overall demographics.

We’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in the business, providing assistance with:

  • Mobile media buys
  • Mobile display advertising
  • In-App advertising
  • SMS blasts

Not to mention every other type of mobile advertising and marketing you can possibly think of.

Mobile App Development & App Store Optimization (ASO)

A core component of any mobile strategy, of course, is your company’s mobile app(s). Mangostorm Play provide specialist iGaming design and development of mobile apps for all smart devices including HTML5 apps and native apps for iOS and Android.

Not only will we work with you through each stage of the app design and development process, we will also work with you in launching the app and getting it to market. Everything from app titles, keywords, logos and screenshots, category creation, reviews and ratings, product descriptions – all to ensure your app is properly optimized for placement within major app stores including Google Play and iTunes.